ENTRANCE FEES 2014

                                                     Amount at Election                Deferred Payments               Total

Resident                                                $1,250                            $1,250 (Year Later)            $2,500

Non-Resident                                       $1,500                                        N/A                            $1,500

Intermediate Resident                        $1,500                                        N/A                            $1,500

Junior                                                        $500                                        N/A                               $500

                                                                                DUES 2014                         OTHER MONTHLY CHARGES

                                                               Annual                        Monthly          Food        Fees       Oper. Assess.

Resident (40+)                                     $3,000                           $250              $75           $30                  $36

Non-Resident                                        $1,500                            $125              $75           $30                  $27

Intermediate Resident (35-39)         $2,256                            $188              NIL           $30                  $18

Junior (21-34)                                       $1,560                            $130              NIL           NIL                  NIL

Associates, *Quarterly                           $500                            $125*             NIL           NIL                  NIL

Resident Member Requirements:  Members who for 4 or more consecutive months have a residence or principal place of busienss located within 25 miles of Club House in the City of Providence shall be Resident Members.  The foregoing distance shall be measured by the shortest highway route available between their residence or place of business and the Club House.


For generations, Hope Club members and their guests have enjoyed the privileges of membership in Rhode Island’s premier private social club. The Hope Club, a short walk from downtown Providence, focuses on dining and social activities. The Club fosters the opportunity to build a lifetime of lasting professional and social relationships.

Membership is extended by invitation only with recommendations from two existing members and approval by the Board of Governors.

We welcome your interest.
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