General Information

To maximize your enjoyment of the Hope Club, please familiarize yourself with the following:


Please respect the privacy of Hope Club members and guests.

Members and guests must abide by the Club dress code at all times while in the Clubhouse. Hats, coats, and hand luggage must be left in the coatroom or kept in guest bedrooms. The use of identification badges shall be confined to private meeting rooms.

Members and guests may not display or exchange business or personal papers in the public areas of the Clubhouse. Date books, papers, laptops, cell phones and all electronic devices are also prohibited.

Private meeting rooms may be reserved within which such papers may be displayed or exchanged. Published materials such as books, magazines and newspapers are welcome in the Reading Room and Grill Room.


Formal Dining Room – Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie. Ladies are required to dress in a manner appropriate for business or late afternoon/evening dining. Neckties and bow ties are optional for gentlemen on Fridays as well as from Memorial Day weekend through September.

Informal Dining Areas – Smart casual attire is permitted, at all times in our informal dining areas, the Grill Room and Ames Court.

Denim of any sort, casual sports clothing and casual/sport footwear are never acceptable at the Club. Gym wear is only allowed on the ground floor. Overnight guests in athletic attire must use the Club’s parking lot entrance and elevator to the guestrooms to avoid the public areas of the Club.


Use of cell phones and electronic devices is prohibited in dining and public areas of the Clubhouse. Members and guests may use the phone booths, second floor meeting rooms andguest rooms for electronic communication.


Club employees are not permitted to accept gratuities.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Clubhouse.


Photography is permitted in the Clubhouse for personal use and with prior approval ofthe General Manager or a member of the Board of Governors.


Complimentary on-site parking is available in our lot. Attendant parking is offered as needed.